Comical Snapshots

           WHOA!  Big boy, that's close enough!!!     What do you think you are doing?! 

                                                                                         It's my picture they want!


I'm telling you Dryfuss, I'm the boss around here!


Whee! Pilar's slide is really fun!  I'm first next time!

 "Oh, this is scary!"   "Hey, look, this big guy has  freckles just like me!"  "Double Trouble"

"Too fat to stack!" - "Office help asleep on the job!" - "Victoria is pleased with herself

"Come on, we want to follow you!" - "Bed Buddies" - "No deal, I'm out of here!"

"Proud!"  -  "Just hanging around."   - "All aboard!" - "These boots are TOO BIG"

"Passion, the flying squirrel!" -"Nice butt shot!"-"Sleeping inside the box"-"Biffed - take that!"

"Packed up and ready to go!" - "Cradled by the butterfly." -"Sleepy time doggy bed."

"Here's winking at you Kid!"   "Gotch Ya!"   "Umm! That was sooo good!"    Pup Tent!  

  "Puppy Whispers"  - "Oh, you crack me up!" - "Attacked by the black devil"

            "Let's do the shake!"   -  "Okay, is everyone sufficiently bored with the parti?!"

"Hey you with your head in the party hat, would you get back over here and look sharp for the photo!"  

"Office help ready for work."          Lip Smackin' Good        

  "Hanging Around" - "It's mine now Big Guy!" - "Crashed!" - fell asleep on way out of bed!

                                    Biker Buddy! -  Oh!  That's so funny! - Care to Tango?

This is the softest and biggest heated bed I've ever had!

I've had a rough day at the beach but I caught the little varmit and I'm sleeping with it - (he just fits perfectly in Bitsy's mouth)!

Baby needs a drink and baby is smart enough to get one!

Just hanging around with my bodyguard!

Here, let me help you clean your teeth.