Meet My Broods

Parti Broods


Ch. Zeva, Ch. Pandi, Ch. Delight, Ch. Skye,. Mardi, Gradi, Carney, Dori, Ch. Dottie, Ch. Maddy, Ch. Glory, Happi, Ch. Diva,

Ch. Stealee, Ch. Bizzi, Ch. Cocoa Puff, Ch. Candid, Chipper

Izzi, Reba, Cade

Unnamed orange broods are from left to right:  Mikki, Toddy, Trixie, Jenna, Toddy and Abba.  Hannah is looking for a retiree home.

Ch. Kaysha & Ch. Streaker are my only black broods.



  Isis - Finch's Golden Goddess & Gina - Finch's Good Girl Gone Bad

(Isis is retired)