Agility & Obedience

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Finch's Little Sister Megan UD

Sire:  BIS, BISS, Ch. Finch's He Walks On Water  

AKC MACH2 Finch's Peach Melba Delight, EAC, EJC, EGC, TN-E, TNG-O, WV-O, P1

 And at the 2007 World Cynosport Games Melba
(even against the 8" big jumping dogs) she had 6 top ten placements:      

3rd Place Team Gamblers
4th Place Team Jumpers

4th Place Team Snooker
 4th Place Team Standard
5th Place Grand Prix Classic

5th Place Steeplechase Classic

First Finch Pomeranian to be an AKC Master Agility Champion
Ranked 4th out of all AKC Agility Pomeranians (Lifetime) in the United States

Sire:  Finch's Causin A Commotion  Dam:  Goodwon's All Nite Long

Melba is an awesome agility dog. She is so close to her AKC Agility Champion title. It is hoped she will finish it this Fall season and be the first Finch Pomeranian to earn an Agility Championship.
She will be shown at the AKC Agility National Championships since she has earned an invitation to them with her high scores.

Melba currently ranks 5th in the country for AKC agility Pomeranians in the lifetime rankings.   The dogs ahead of her have their agility championships already and are quite a bit older than Mel so it's a huge honor to be so highly ranked.

Melba holds the AKC Master Agility Title, MX and the AKC Master Jumpers with Weaves Title, MXJ, she also is working on her agility championship in NADAC (North American Dog Agility Counsel), which is another agility association in this country.

Melba is one of the fastest 8" division dogs in the East Coast and continues to take first place at most competitions she shows in. Melba is known as the "flying squirrel" and Melba Toast and she even has her very own fan club.

Mel weighs in at only 3 pounds and recently took second place in the 60 weave pole challenge in the All Star Dogs Competition on the East Coast. She took overall 3rd place in the agility competition and will be featured in Clean Run magazine and Front & Finish magazine.

Here are Melba's current Agility titles to date, she has 21 of them.   She is currently working on a triple crown.  


NAC, NJC, NGC, TN-N, WV-N, TNG-N, OAC, OJC, OGC, TN-O, EAC, EJC - Novice Versatility Award

Mel  is so animated and she truly loves what she does. She is such a strong competitor and she runs like the wind. Spectators can't believe she can run so fast and be so small. Most people only think Pomeranians sit in your lap and do nothing until they see Melba. She will be turning 3 this October. She will soon be gearing up for the Fall competitive season.   She has two very different lifestyles While in training she lives in an urban environment very close to Manhattan.  She jogs with her trainer 3 miles with her border collie and has no problem keeping up.   She isn't bothered by all the noise and commotion that is all around her.  While not in training  she lives at this big sprawling estate in the lap of luxury, often swimming in the pool to keep her conditioning up and has her own agility training ring.   What a great life for a dog!   She has faster weave poles than most border collies.   She's unbelievable.  Her trainer says she was so easy to train and so smart.  I'm a clicker trainer and she learned everything with a clicker. 

Finch's Little Rompin Russell Mania, NA

Sire:  Windy Hills Mite-E-Might Acts Up  Dam:  DelRey Pearls N Diamonds

Finch's Commotion In Motion

Sire:  Finch's Causin A Commotion  Dam:  Finch's Persuasive Penelope

 "Garp" CL2-R, CL1-F, CL1-H, CGC, NA, NAC, NJ, CL2-H, AX, HOF

Finch's Lulabelle - "Belle" NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, MXJ, NAC,  O-NAC, NJC, O-NJC, S-NJC, TN-N

Lulabelle has a full sister littermate Finch's Dial-A-Babe who produced Ch. Finch's Shesa Lil Brick ("Terra")

Finch's Whirling Dervish "Petra" (Petra has two titles CD RA OAJ). 

 Finch's BR Bodacious Billy, RN, CD. RA. NAJ (Billy).  Billy is a Parker son and will also show in conformation classes.  Billy proves beautiful poms can do more than just look good!

Finch's Artic Jet Stream

Titlest Finch's Theodore Bear Watusi Dancer RN, RA, NA, NAJ, OAJ; NADAC NA-C, O.A.,  A.X.J.


.  Titlest Finch’s Stunning Story of Reel O'Kelly - Kelly has gotten her N.A., N.A.J and this weekend her O.A.J.

 Finch's Parti Got A Quick Temper RN, MXJ, NA, NF, CGC, TKN - High Scoring Pomeranian in the Novice Class at the 2016 Pom Nationals and she just earned her AKC Agility NAJ title & her Excellent JWW title

Finch's Parti Got A Quick Temper RN, MXJ, NA, NF, CGC, TKN

HIGH SCORING OPEN POMERANIAN at the 2017 Pom Nationals in Kentucky (she received 4 firsts and her Novice Fast Title).  The parti poms are the intellects and athletes of the breed & Temper is well on her way to breezing through her titles and there are more parti poms that will be showing off their talents soon

 Ringo (a Screech baby) Novice Standard, Novice JWW, Novice FAST - all these parti poms seem to be smiling as they go through the obstacles.

Finch’s Parti Got A Quick Temper RN, MX, MXJ, MXB, MJB, NF, CGC, TKN, Temper is working on her MAC (Master Agility Championship)